Yelp black history month

Tamika Catchings had a different journey on the business-owning front. She took over the business from the past owners at Tea’s Me Cafe.

“The biggest adversity we have had, and I think it’s probably with all businesses, is being able to have a consistent revenue day daily. We have our really good days and then sometimes due to weather, day of the week and which events are going on in town, it may not be as profitable. I enjoy the challenge of working with our Tea’s Me team to think of creative “outside the box” ways to reach out to the community and continue to share the story and get people to our cafe.” – Owner Tamika Catchings

Catchings has felt the impact of Tea’s Me Cafe in the community and the lives of those who have visited.

“Our proudest accomplishment is the smiles and the impact that we’ve had on the community overall. Our customers that come in love Tea’s Me, the ambiance and the service provided. I am super excited about the future of Tea’s Me and just being able to know that we are doing an incredible job in our space with bringing community together.”

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